Why is it better to sleep in socks? Do Japanese people live longer because of their socks?

When it comes to socks, it reminds us of neighboring Japan. Japan is currently the world’s largest population of longevity, the Japanese for the degree of love for socks, can be considered as a year-round foot. So what do these “magic” socks have to do with longevity in Japan, besides helping you sleep?

Why do Japanese people live longer?
The average life expectancy of Japanese people has reached 83.7 years, setting the world record for the longevity of the elderly. Japan is a small country with a total population of about 120 million, but the elderly who are 100 years old or above account for about 86,000. Kanako Tanaka, 118, of Japan, broke the Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest person in 2019.

Japanese people pay attention to light, healthy diet, meat and vegetable collocation, Chinese people think that “eat 80% full, don’t need to find a doctor”, but when they come to Japan, they think “eat 6% full”, which has become the eating habit of the elderly Japanese longevity.

As for getting a good night’s sleep, the Japanese government encourages workers to sleep no less than eight hours a day, while pensioners and children can get around nine. But in our country, most young people are used to staying up late, the pressures of life and work, cause insomnia is more and more serious. Although many people are able to fall asleep early, they often have too many dreams or sleep so lightly that they feel as if they were awake.

The Japanese sleep well, can not do without the year round wear socks, Japanese wear socks not only to keep warm, more let the feet in a warm state, promote blood circulation, but also to avoid a lot of diseases.

So small socks, really can help you sleep?
Most people habitually take off their socks before going to bed at night, thinking that taking off their socks to sleep can relax the muscles of their feet. In such a comfortable state, they can improve the quality of sleep. However, in a study published in an American journal, the results of an experiment by a doctor contradicted this idea, suggesting that the temperature of the feet is closely related to the quality of sleep.

At the beginning of the experiment, the researchers recruited a large number of volunteers from the society and divided the volunteers into two groups: one group slept in socks and the other group slept without socks. Through the study data, it was found that those who slept in socks at night generally fell asleep more easily than those who did not wear socks, and once they fell asleep, they woke up less often.

We come to this conclusion because our normal body temperature is about 37℃. During the day, when we walk, drink hot water and exercise, our body temperature will gradually rise, but after the evening, as the temperature drops, our body temperature also gradually drops.

So right before you go to sleep, your body temperature may be at its lowest point of the day. At this time, as long as you put on socks, the body will gradually warm up, reach the most suitable sleep temperature of 16℃~20℃, then it will be easy to sleep.

The foot is one of the most densely distributed parts of our human body nerves, if you do not pay attention to protection in life, there will be a lot of diseases, in addition to the sole of the foot and respiratory mucosa, there is also a nerve connection, so the foot cold, it is likely to cause a cold and gastrointestinal vasospasm. Therefore, it is best to wear socks when sleeping to keep warm.

So what are the benefits of wearing socks to bed besides sleep?
Effective prevention of athlete’s foot. Socks, as an isolation between our feet and shoes, can effectively absorb sweat and remove smell. If you do not wear socks and wear shoes barefoot, you will not only wear your feet when walking, but also lead to red and itchy skin on your feet.

Especially in summer, when walking on both feet, it is very easy to sweat. The skin is soaked in sweat, which will accelerate the growth of bacteria, thus inducing athlete’s foot.

Improve chapped heels. Cracked heel in the autumn and winter season, is the most common, do not ask men and women, young and old, there is such trouble, the cuticle of the heel is particularly easy to dry, coupled with the heel skin surface pores to absorb water, cuticle long-term accumulation, there will be cracked, cracked.

In order to avoid this situation, you can put on socks after soaking your feet in the evening, to a certain extent, you can keep your feet in a moist state, but also slow down the speed of water loss in your feet.


Post time: Nov-23-2022