Washing methods for socks of different fabrics

Socks are our daily life must contact, everyday workplace shuttle a pair of socks can also represent your taste. Change your socks every day to better protect your feet.

Some people wear socks, socks off will have a strong smell, the smell even with dishwashing agent won’t wash away. In fact, when washing socks with some vinegar to wash, you can completely remove the taste of socks, but also sterilization.

In order not to make socks lose elasticity, when washing socks in the washing machine, first tie the rubber band over the top of the socks, this method will not cause the socks to lose elasticity. In addition, remember to keep your socks up while drying.

Various scientific methods of sock cleaning:

1. Ordinary cotton socks should be washed and changed frequently. When replaced, they should be soaked in clean water for about 2 hours, and then rubbed with soap and hot water, so that the dirt is easy to fall off.


2. Pure silk socks, artificial silk stockings, nylon socks, etc. should be put in soapy water below 40℃ or synthetic washing liquid gently rub, do not rub hard. Socks should be dried in the shade after washing, not exposed to the sun and fire.

3. When washing wool socks, the neutral soap with less alkali should be cut into saponified pieces first, and dissolved in hot water. After the water cools down, the socks should be put in, dipped for a moment, and then gently washed by hand. For more dirt socks and heels, you can rub some soap, until clean. After rubbing the socks, rinse them with clean water, pinch dry slightly, spread them flat on the table with your hands, hang them in a ventilated place, or use a white cloth to cover them in the sun to dry.

Post time: Jan-04-2023