The socks industry and pearl industry have their brains on the ground LanZhuo’s industrial brain modal has again achieved landmark results

A few days ago, at the kick-off meeting of the World Telecommunication Day series activities held in Shaoxing, Lanzhuo and Zhuji Radio and Television Information Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract with Zhuji Hosiery Industry and Pearl Industry Brain, which means Lanzhuo has made another landmark achievement in exploring the innovation model of “industrial Internet+industrial brain”, and is an important step to boost the digital reform of Zhejiang Province.

The meeting was hosted by Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government and co sponsored by Shaoxing Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Lanzhuo. The conference was broadcast live on platforms such as “Cloud Building Conference” and Shaoxing Enterprise Code through “Metauniverse” technology, and more than 480 enterprises in the city watched the event. Cao Tuhong, Deputy Secretary General of Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government, Zhang Yongming, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director General of Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Yu Lingyan, Deputy Director General and others attended the meeting.

01. The brains of the two industries have been put into practice to promote the digitalization of the sock industry and pearl industry

The sock industry has always been an important leading industry supporting the high-quality development of Shaoxing’s economy. “The sock machine in Zhuji is loud, and the world has a pair of socks”. Shaoxing’s sock industry can account for more than one-third of the global sales; Pearl industry is an important component of the national fashion industry. Zhuji is known as the “hometown of freshwater pearls in China”, and has the largest pearl professional market and the only provincial characteristic industrial park in China. As an important part of the national economy, sock industry and pearl industry are in urgent need of industrial transformation.

As the unified digital base of Zhejiang’s industrial brain, Lanzhuo supOS industrial operating system fully supports the digitalization of Shaoxing’s sock industry and pearl industry. On the enterprise side, all data of sock enterprises and pearl production lines can be transmitted to hosiery machines and pearl industry brains in real time, providing accurate digital portraits for enterprises. The production situation and health level of each enterprise are clear at a glance, providing basis for decision-making. On the government side, the industry atlas and industrial chain map are formed based on the enterprise portrait to provide scientific basis for the government to develop the industry 

In addition, “Industrial Brain” will expand the functions of production and marketing supply, industrial supporting, support management, in-depth data analysis, industry live broadcast, online shopping mall, etc. to provide accurate services for local enterprises.

02. Lanzhuo’s “Industrial Brain” Innovation Model Achieves Important Achievements

At present, the sock industry big data center, cloud center and other systems have been enabled, with more than 2000 enterprises accessing. Taking the sock industry as a starting point, Lanzhuo will integrate the upstream and downstream of the sock industry to provide overall digital services, and build a modern industrial cluster of fashion sock industry and beautiful pearl of 100 billion level 

Led by the digital reform of Zhejiang Province, Lanzhuo is actively exploring the innovation mode of “industrial brain”, accelerating the construction of Zhejiang’s digital economy 3.0 system with the core of “industrial brain+future factory”, supporting the completion of 25 industrial brains online on Zhejiang provincial government website and industrial brain portal, focusing on the construction of chemical fiber, chemical industry, motor, clothing Intelligent photovoltaic industry brain.

Through sharing technologies, talents and other elements, we will promote innovation breakthroughs and transformation of technological achievements, enable the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, and achieve full coverage of digital transformation applications of industrial enterprises above designated size. Lanzhuo will continue to take supOS as the core base, provide digital services for industrial enterprises, and accelerate the digital reform process of Zhejiang Province.

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