The first socks trial order of a colleague in the first week of employment

In early April 2022, we closed a new order from our main market – the United States.

One day at the end of March, I received a simple inquiry from a customer. At first I didn’t have any big fantasies, but I responded to the client right away, and I was honored to receive a positive response from the client. The client wants to customize socks, add his own logo, and needs custom packaging. At the same time he sent over his logo.

After receiving the customer’s detailed requirements, it was initially judged that the customer was very interested. At the same time, he also searched for the relevant information of the customer on Google, and learned that he is an online seller in the United States and has his own brand. Mainly engaged in their own brand of socks, clothing, pants and so on.

After a simple survey, we responded to the customer:

1. According to his logo, he made a free mode up for him.

2. After confirming the quantity and address of the product, make a detailed quotation for him. It includes product material, delivery time, and other product parameters, as well as market attributes, such as the advantages of our materials, market sales prices, etc.

3. Send him the information and pictures of the factory.

4. Provide him with a picture reference of some samples made by the company.

After perfect communication, we quickly reached a trial order for 1000 pairs of custom socks.

This is the process of closing an order for a child who has just joined the company for a week. She was excited and proud. We are also very proud of her and believe that after her active, meticulous and patient service. As well as the cooperation between the company and the factory, I believe it will get better and better.

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Post time: Apr-29-2022