Oil prices continue to rise, polyester suffers serious losses

Some EU countries pushed to impose new sanctions on Russia, supply risk concerns continued, and international oil prices rose sharply. WTI April crude oil futures rose $7.42, or 7.08%, to $112.12 a barrel; Brent May crude futures rose $7.69, or 7.12%, to $115.62 a barrel.
Oil prices have strengthened again, and the processing fees of all links in the polyester industry chain have been generally low recently. Each product enters a loss! In terms of PX, the impact of the earthquake in Japan has not yet involved PX products. If the refinery shutdown continues for a long time, it cannot be ruled out that it may be affected in the future. In terms of PTA, the processing fee was repaired after the cost fell, and the spot liquidity was still ample.

In terms of polyester and downstream, the inventory of polyester factories has rebounded again. Affected by the epidemic, the start of looms and texturing has declined, and new orders are still weak. The decline in production is likely to be the general trend!


Post time: Apr-02-2022