Liaoyuan socks industry park:the”5232”College Students’ Entrepreneurship plan has driven 12000 jobs

On June 14, the reporter walked into Liaoyuan hosiery park. In the production workshop of longia hosiery enterprise, he saw more than 160 hosiery machines running, more than 200 workers busy in different positions, and a variety of socks in the sample room. Looking at the busy and orderly production workshop in front of you, you may not know that this is an enterprise founded by college students. The founders sun Di and Wu Yue are both graduates of Zhongyuan Institute of technology.1-O1CN01MBnb1I2N5kVMNfunO_!!2206409189912-0-cib4-O1CN01GcLuS42N5kVMNgmyC_!!2206409189912-0-cib

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Sun Di told reporters that on the road of entrepreneurship, he benefited from the good environment created by the policy. “With these foundations, we can achieve our dream of entrepreneurship and innovation.”

 Now, in Liaoyuan sock industry park, there are 371 college students’ entrepreneurial enterprises, driving 12000 jobs. The gratifying situation that college students are busy starting businesses and ordinary people are good at employment is on stage.

It is understood that Liaoyuan socks industry park was founded in 2005. At that time, the structure of enterprise operators in the park was diverse and uneven, generally older, less educated and more conservative.

How to stabilize Zhiyuan, expand and strengthen Liaoyuan sock industry? The decision-makers of Liaoyuan socks industry park realized that to have full potential for development, we must introduce talents and add fresh blood. The leaders of the park launched the “5232″ college student entrepreneurship plan: it will take five years for 2000 college students to start businesses in the park, directly resettle 30000 people for employment, and promote the employment of 20000 people in related industries. All college students who come to the park to start a business will be provided with 10 computer hosiery machines and 150000 working capital. In the first year, they will be provided with free workshops, free accommodation, free entrepreneurship training and skilled worker training.

There is no threshold limit, and you can be a boss with zero capital investment, which greatly attracts college students’ enthusiasm to start a business in the park. So far, there are 181 colleges and universities across the country, and more than 3300 college students have come to the park to start businesses and obtain employment, and 371 enterprises of all kinds have been established, driving 12000 people to obtain employment.

The “5232″ College Students’ Entrepreneurship plan has received high attention and strong support from the state, provinces, municipalities and relevant departments. The employment department is more concerned. From the connection between schools and enterprises to policy funds, from college students’ entrepreneurship training to the training of enterprise skilled workers, it has continued to give policy overweight and support. Since the implementation of the “5232″ College Students’ Entrepreneurship plan, the policy funds supported by the human resources and social security department have reached 472million yuan. The preferential policies and nanny services have formed the development mode of Liaoyuan sock industry of “government paving the way, enterprise bridging, college students’ Entrepreneurship and people’s employment”, which has made the success rate of College Students’ Entrepreneurship in Liaoyuan sock industry park reach 75%, and has been named as the “National College students’ Entrepreneurship incubation demonstration base” by the Ministry of human resources and social security.


College Students’ entrepreneurship has injected fresh blood and strong vitality into Liaoyuan socks industry park. Wangchangjun, deputy general manager of Liaoyuan sock industry park, said: “in today’s Park, sock enterprises founded by college students are all in the lead, with good application of management software, strong innovation ability and fast growth speed, which has become a strong driving force for the development of Liaoyuan sock industry park.”


Today, Liaoyuan Hosiery Industry Park has grown to cover an area of 1million square meters, with 1220 enterprises of all kinds, 40000 hosiery machines (sets), an annual production capacity of 3.5 billion pairs, and 45000 direct and indirect jobs. It has become an important entrepreneurship and employment platform in the city and even the whole province, and has been awarded the “national employment advanced enterprise” by the State Council.

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