Liaoyuan socks are exported to five continents

On March 1, at the Socks Weaving Company in Liaoyuan Socks Industrial Park, the reporter saw boxes of Liaoyuan socks packed into containers and ready to be shipped to the port. He Qingfang, the deputy general manager in charge of sales, told reporters excitedly: “We have just sent out 2.8 million pairs of socks in 20 containers for export, and received orders for 4.5 million pairs from the United States and Canada. In the first two months of this year, the company has been We have received 2.25 million pairs of foreign trade orders, and the production has been scheduled until May. So far, our socks in Liaoyuan are exported to five continents around the world.”
Liaoyuan socks will be shipped to all over the world.

It is understood that foreign trade orders have a large number of small amounts, complex processes, and high quality requirements. In particular, factory inspections have very strict requirements on enterprise software and hardware, with the characteristics of “small, many, and high”. However, foreign trade order funds are recovered quickly, sales volume is stable, and profit margins are large. The hosiery company takes advantage of its own international advanced equipment, production scale, R&D team, foreign trade talents, etc., and does not compete with the enterprises in the park. In the past two years, the company’s foreign trade business has increased year by year, and now it accounts for 80% of the total sales volume. In 2020, the foreign trade sales of Hosiery Company will reach 150 million yuan; in 2021, it will reach 270 million yuan, creating a foreign exchange of 40 million US dollars. This year, the company has set a target of 350 million yuan.

At present, affected by the complex and changeable international environment, the connection of foreign hosiery industry chains has been hindered, which has brought new opportunities for the export of hosiery companies. On the basis of further training its internal strength, this company will not miss various international professional exhibitions, increase its external publicity and sales efforts, gradually expand overseas markets, and make more foreign exchange. At present, the company has cooperated with more than 50 international famous brands, and the socks are exported to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand , Egypt, Turkey and more than 50 countries and regions, all over the world’s five continents.

This year, the daily output of hosiery company’s foreign trade is 400,000 pairs. Compared with previous years, the foreign trade start-up rate reached 100% two months earlier. Foreign trade sales achieved a “good start”.

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Post time: Mar-14-2022