Is baby barefoot good or wear socks? A lot of moms regret not knowing it early!

Many parents choose to put on socks for their children, because they are afraid that the ground may be very dirty, afraid that their children will be infected with some bacteria on the ground and get sick, and some parents are afraid that the ground is too wet and cold, afraid that the baby’s body moisture is too heavy to cause other diseases.

But being barefoot isn’t so scary for kids, and there are even some hidden benefits for parents.

Here are some benefits of having a barefoot baby for parents to share. Lat’s take a look.

● Can reduce the growth of bacteria

Children are currently in a period of rapid growth, their metabolism is very vigorous, very fast, resulting in children sweating particularly much.

And the child is particularly active, playful, at this time, the baby’s small feet are very easy to sweat, especially in the summer, if the parents insisted on putting on the child’s thick socks, do not give the child a little chance to breathe, let the child’s feet have been covered, will let the child’s feet special hot, will produce a lot of sweat.

If the baby’s feet have been in such a humid environment, it will be very easy to breed bacteria. In severe cases, it can even cause infection. So, sometimes barefoot babies are actually good for them.

● Enhance the baby’s physique

The baby’s feet on the acupoints and blood vessels are very rich, if the baby barefoot on the ground, it is very able to promote the blood circulation of the baby’s whole body, speed up the metabolism of the baby’s body, can help the baby to discharge the excess material inside the body as soon as possible, but also can exercise the baby’s body.

Not only that, there are a lot of acupoints on the feet and human organs are also connected, the baby barefoot on the ground to walk, but also can exercise the baby’s whole body organs, improve the baby’s resistance and physical quality.

● Strengthen exercise baby’s sensory system

The baby’s small feet are not only rich in blood vessels, but also the richest nerve endings in the whole body, which is also the principle of the finger pressure plate.

Anyone who has ever stepped on a fingerpressure board knows that it hurts, and that it’s because of the nerve endings it’s pressing. But although it hurts, the pressure is good for you.

For the baby, it can exercise the baby’s sensory system, such as the baby walking on the road feet in contact with some hard, some is soft, so as to improve the baby’s cognition of the world.

Some things are hot or cold, so repeated feeling is very beneficial to exercise the child’s sensory system, and the child’s memory is also helpful, in a word, bare feet for the child’s physical development in all aspects are very great benefits.

Post time: Nov-16-2022