How To Distinguish The Quality Of Socks Yarn And The Characteristics Of Socks Cotton Yarn

How to distinguish the quality of socks yarn, the characteristics of socks cotton yarn, socks yarn is cotton combed cotton, the surface of the yarn has short hairs, like cashmere sweaters, after rubbing with the soles of the feet, there will be hairiness falling off. The hair itself will be a little floating, just wash it a few times. This is not the case if it is blended polyester/cotton, but it will play a big ball, which is not easy to wash off, and there will be filaments when pulled out. It is inevitable to cover your feet and smelly feet, but there are also blended chemical fiber socks. The advantages are particularly strong and wear-resistant. Different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Consumers can ask what they like.

How to distinguish the quality of socks yarn?

1. Raw material: Use a needle to pick up a yarn in the sock. Pay attention to the yarn with no elasticity. Use a lighter to burn it. The smell is pungent plastic smell, and it burns like a hair. It is big. Chemical fiber socks; there are no clumps when they burn, and dust falls, and the smell is the same as burning paper. They are all cotton socks.

2.If you wear cotton socks for a long time, the surface layer will fall off layer by layer. Remember that it is layer by layer. The better the cotton, the better the performance of the socks.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What socks are the best? Without good fabrics, you won’t have good socks. The best socks are suitable for you.

2. Why is it so expensive? Because of the difference in functionality, material selection, and production art, you need to carefully compare various parameters.

3. Why do invisible socks fall off? Because the socks need full-size socks to prevent heel loss, do you believe they will not lose heel if they are of the same size?

Post time: Dec-16-2021