How tight should compression socks be for running? Best for leaving marks on the skin.

There are many benefits of wearing compression stockings: the most basic is to promote venous return and prevent deep vein thrombosis; and during running, it can reduce the impact of impact on the ground and make running smoother, thereby reducing muscle fatigue and reducing delay. Muscle soreness occurs and promotes recovery, reducing the risk of muscle damage to some extent.
Since there are so many benefits, do you know how to properly wear compression socks? Recently, NCAA player-turned-high school coach Hilary Kigal answered similar questions from runners.

A runner asked Hillary: How tight should compression socks be? When is the best time to wear them? In response to these two questions, Hillary answered separately.

For the previous question, she believes that compression socks should be comfortable to wear. “For them, it’s tight enough to let the compression stockings mark your skin — but you shouldn’t feel any pain while wearing them.”

As for another question, Hillary Clinton believes that there are no rules for when to wear compression socks. “Some runners like to wear them while running to increase blood circulation to the calf muscles. For others, running in socks is uncomfortable or may feel too hot.”

Personally, Hillary likes to wear compression socks when recovering from a run. “Wearing them after the rain boosts circulation in the legs after a long run or hard training session. It’s also great to wear them on a plane, especially when you’re heading home from a race break.”


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Post time: Mar-26-2022