Downstream start-up increased and order demand was light

The traditional “golden nine” in the textile industry is nearing the end, and the “silk” market is not as good as expected in previous years. Although the inventory of spinning enterprises decreased slightly, it was mainly caused by the lower price, which prompted the downstream just to purchase. The market lacked confidence in the future market, the overall market trading atmosphere was light, and there was no obvious change in the market.


The drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities on September 14 has been regarded as the largest “black swan” incident this year. International oil prices rose violently, the largest one-day increase since 1988. However, in fact, since September 17, the Saudi official said that the Abqaiq plant would return to the production level before the attack by the end of September, and the Saudi Crude oil export volume would not decrease in September, which eased the supply risk worry and caused the international oil price to plummet. How to rise, how to fall back.

Affected by the above events, pure benzene rose strongly, caprolactam and polymerization plants faced cost pressure, and the plants strongly pulled up the stop loss. Sinopec’s listing price in September was also adjusted to 13200 yuan / ton. Meanwhile, the inventory of caprolactam plants was not high, and the spot price was pushed up. Near the end of the month, the market was calm. Affected by the downstream demand, the prices of caprolactam and chips gradually fell. The settlement price of Sinopec in September was lowered to 12800 yuan / ton. Recently, the slice has also dropped slightly, with a drop of around 100-200 yuan / ton.

Downstream start-up increased and order demand was light

Since August, the operating load of weaving manufacturers has gradually increased, and most manufacturers choose high load operation. According to the statistics of Longzhong data, the average startup rate of large circular knitting machines is 68%, the average startup rate of warp knitting machines is 75%, and the comprehensive startup rate of major domestic weaving production bases is 73%. Among them, the average operating rate of water jet looms is 85%. This is mainly because the textile factories still have expectations for the “golden nine” peak season and choose to open high to retain workers. Therefore, as in previous years, the weaving operation rate has been generally gradually increased since August.

However, the reality is cruel. This year, the problem of supply exceeding demand has not been solved. The terminal demand is low, the market competition is fierce, and bad news is frequent. Most of the factories are affected by capital problems, so it is difficult to move forward.

The “golden nine peak season” did not bring about significant improvement in supply and demand. The overall transaction atmosphere of the market was general, the inventory of conventional products was serious, and the orders of some differentiated products were acceptable. In terms of inventory, the finished product inventory in Shengze area is still on the high side. The mainstream inventory is around 40 days, and some are around 2 months. The warp knitting inventory in Changshu is generally more than one month, and some are lower around seven days. The situation of warp knitting machines in Haining area is basically the same. Under such circumstances, textile factories naturally showed more caution in purchasing raw materials, mainly due to the low price of raw materials.

To sum up, the overall market of nylon spinning has low expectations for the future market. The market supply exceeds demand, and the price rise is weak. Some enterprises withdraw funds to maintain production by limiting production and limit, and the market is mostly wait-and-see. At present, the traditional demand season of “Jinjiu” drives up the market through the cost of raw materials. In a short period, the price of nylon silk may rise, but this is also a way to solve the symptoms rather than the root cause. Once the traditional peak season is over, the market may change back to the old way. It is expected that the “silver ten” rise will not last. Only by reversing the supply-demand relationship in the weaving industry can the fundamental problem be solved. On the one hand, the factory transformed the production of conventional products into differentiated products through technological upgrading to improve the output; On the other hand, we will promote product diversification and eliminate the production capacity of backward products. So that the final supply and demand of the market can be balanced.Funny cute face bulk wholesale custom premium cotton women fashion socks (2)Socks women (6)Cartoon women socks,Unisex Socks,Stripe socks

Post time: Aug-09-2022