Classification of socks

1. Classification by materials

According to the raw materials used for knitting socks, it can be divided into cotton yarn socks, wool socks, nylon stockings, elastic nylon stockings, nylon-cotton blended socks, cotton-acrylic blended socks and natural stockings.

2. Classification by organizational structure

According to the knitting organization of socks, it can be divided into two categories: plain socks and flower socks. Single-cylinder plain socks are one-color plain knitted socks. Flower socks can be divided into jacquard socks (single-sided jacquard organization), embroidered socks (embroidered plating organization), mesh plating socks (overhead plating organization), horizontal strip socks (transverse horizontal connection organization of different colors), terry Socks (terry tissue), etc.

But there are also two kinds of weaving, such as jacquard embroidered socks, jacquard striped socks, mesh embroidered socks and so on. The plain socks knitted with double needles are ribbed. The flower socks are jacquard socks (double-sided jacquard organization), embroidered socks, plain concave-convex composite organization), and embroidered concave-convex socks (embroidered concave-convex composite organization).

3. Classification according to the length of socks

Generally can be divided into long socks, middle socks, socks, pantyhose.

3, According to the classification of socks

Generally, it can be divided into plain long socks, middle socks, single cuffs, double cuffs, elastic cuffs, elastic elastic cuffs and fancy cuff socks.


Post time: Apr-24-2022