CCTV exposed: Some socks exceed the limit of carcinogenic dyes! Picking socks is a science…

The test results found that not only the cotton content is seriously insufficient, the fiber content is unqualified, and some dyes exceed the standard of carcinogens and other quality problems.

Socks are indispensable throughout the year supplies, the cotton socks, spandex socks, nylon socks, wool socks… How to distinguish different kinds of socks? How do you identify socks that contain excessive amounts of carcinogens? Look down.

A pair of good socks, can absorb sweat, keep warm, relieve the friction between feet and shoes, and some shock absorption, joint protection, antibacterial and so on.

1. Not cheap, as far as possible to choose the regular enterprise sales of goods, and pay attention to check the product identification content, usually contains more than 75% of cotton socks can be called cotton socks, general cotton content in 85% socks is very high-grade cotton socks.

2. It is best to wash the newly purchased textiles first to reduce the impact of the fabric pH or floating color fading on human skin.

3. For dark or bright color products, you can use white cloth to rub with the commodity. If the color is obviously faded, or the color is seriously faded when washing after buying, it may be the use of inferior dyeing agent, dyeing fastness is not qualified, it is not recommended to use.

4. Formaldehyde this kind of harmful substances with obvious smell is relatively easy to find, but some chemical agents that may have potential health risks can not be identified by color and taste, so when buying, you can ask the business to see whether the product has a regular detection agency detection report.

Post time: Dec-22-2022