Can stovepipe socks slim down legs?

Stovepipe socks are now more popular fashion products for women’s legs and body sculpting. In recent years, stovepipe socks have gradually become popular, and are more and more favored and loved by people. They are not only cheap, but also more effective. Using the principle of sequential decompression, the pressure cycle decreases from the calf ankle to the thigh, promotes blood circulation. Therefore, it can play a very good stovepipe effect and leg shaping effect, which is widely praised by everyone. Many consumers still don’t know the effect of stovepipe socks. Let’s take a look at the effect of stovepipe socks.

Before learning about stovepipe socks, let’s make a popular science about stovepipe socks and compression socks

First, the difference between stovepipe socks and compression socks:

1. Different functions
The role of compression stockings is to treat varicose veins, vasculitis, venous thrombosis and other lower extremity venous diseases.

The function of stovepipe socks is to help stovepipe beautiful legs and shape the body.

2. The material is different

Compression stockings are medical elastic stockings made of special materials with high elasticity such as DuPont Lycra and cotton.

Stovepipe socks are common materials such as nylon silk, so the price of stovepipe socks is also cheap.

3. The units are different

Compression stockings are divided into units according to pressure. Compression stockings are generally divided into:

The primary pressure is mainly to prevent varicose veins;

Secondary pressure is mainly for the treatment of mild varicose veins and recovery after varicose vein surgery;

Tertiary pressure is mainly for the treatment of severe varicose veins.

The unit of stovepipe socks is Danny number (D), such as 180D, 240D, 280D, 360D, 420D, etc. Theoretically, the higher the Danny value, the higher the pressure. But it’s not that the greater the pressure, the better the effect.

2. Are stovepipe socks useful?

1. Stress slimming, slimming legs, improve leg swelling, swelling, heaviness and other symptoms. The slim varicose varicose socks will reduce the leg circumference immediately after wearing it, which is smaller than the circumference when not wearing it. From the visual effect, the legs will appear more slender. If you insist on wearing it, the leg circumference will be reduced to varying degrees. The pressure of the elastic stockings is decompressed sequentially from bottom to top, relieves and eliminates swollen legs and feet, and relieves fatigue;

2. The lateral pressure is balanced and supported to prevent the fat on the legs from sagging, keep the leg shape beautiful, and help the leg shape to achieve the ideal shape. Long-term use of body-shaping elastic stockings can prevent sagging, improve leg line, correct leg shape, and reduce leg circumference. Pantyhose elastic stockings can also play a role in lifting buttocks and abdomen, and can prevent long-term standing or walking. varicose veins, make your legs more beautiful, feel more relaxed and your body healthier.

3. Stovepipe socks are based on the concept of “pressure therapy” to solve the problem of human leg edema. By applying external pressure to the legs, it improves blood circulation and promotes lymphatic circulation. The minimum pressure applied to the ankle is more than 8 hPa (6 mmHg), the closer to the heart, the lower the pressure; the pressure decreases from the ankle to the calf and from the thigh to the heart.

In fact, stovepipe socks are all black, and they only achieve the purpose of being thin through the dual effects of pressure and vision. If it is compression stockings (varicose stockings), it is the dual effect of compression and vision that causes a feeling of thinness. To sum up, whether it is varicose socks or stovepipe socks, it has a certain effect, but it will not achieve the effect of losing weight immediately after taking it off, and it directly acts on fat reduction.

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Post time: Mar-26-2022