“Black stockings” are out of date! This year’s trend is “glass socks”

Glass socks” are the most popular items at the moment. The so-called “glass socks” are very breathable socks. Most of them are semi-transparent designs, just like glass, but there are also some colorful designs to show Young women are full of vitality, this time Yang Mi has brought us a lot of “glass socks” collocations, which are much more fashionable than ordinary black stockings!
How to match “glass socks”? Let’s have a look together!

First of all, we can take a look at Yang Mi’s outfit, using white “glass socks” and matching this type of suit, showing a sense of hierarchy. When you wear a suit, you rarely show your socks, because Everyone thinks the suit is very formal, so it will look tacky with “glass socks”, but in fact it is not the case, it will look very bright when worn on the body, and it can also highlight the sense of hierarchy and reduce the dullness of the suit!

Secondly, “glass socks” paired with sneakers are also very popular. Although many people think that the sneakers are very unsightly and the comfort underfoot is not very high, it is actually a must-have for fashionistas with concave shapes. Product, Yang Mi has put on the combination of “glass socks” and cave shoes many times. No matter how the matching of the upper body changes, it will not go wrong with this combination!

Now this season, everyone likes to wear overalls. If you want to show a sense of fashion, you might as well match it with “glass socks”. Combined with “glass socks”, it instantly reflects your sense of fashion, and it looks very advanced. , this time Yang Mi chose this kind of green “glass socks” with a green T-shirt and denim overalls. It seems that there are some effects of wearing the same color, which is more coordinated. The popular green is also very eye-catching!

At the same time, the feature of “glass socks” is that they can reveal the looming skin, so girls with thin calves can try this kind of “glass socks” in the middle tube. This time, Yang Mi chose the “glass socks” in the middle tube. , It looks very casual and sports with small white shoes, and the overall matching will not be too difficult to match, which can better create a fashionable charm.

If you are attending an event, you can also match it with leather shoes. “Glass socks” paired with leather shoes presents a different style. It looks a little more retro. This time, Yang Mi chose black leather shoes to match. The white “glass socks”, combined with the exposed-leg style, have a more casual atmosphere!

At the same time, if you are afraid of exposing your thick legs when matching, you can actually try this kind of black “glass socks”. It is very light and thin, and it looks very comfortable and generous. The comfort on the feet is very advanced!

In addition to the “glass socks” of solid colors, some printed elements can be combined when matching. This time Yang Mi chose printed “glass socks”, which are very eye-catching. The blessing of these printed elements looks very good. Bright and fashionable, it can also highlight the sense of hierarchy and show full of vitality. Combined with these small white shoes, it looks very casual!

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Post time: Apr-15-2022