Beijing’s first hosiery culture museum–Popularize socks knowledge

Beijing Risheng Socks Culture Museum has five exhibition areas: History Museum, Science and Technology Museum, Experience Museum, Future Museum and Heartland Hall. Thousands of cultural relics, documents, pictures, and restorations related to socks are exhibited at home and abroad. The Science Museum displays socks making materials, machinery, and production technology; and introduces socks-related dressing etiquette, color schemes, fashion trends, etc., so that socks culture leads fashion and enters life.

The experience area uses virtual reality display methods to let visitors learn about the collection and sorting of socks in daily life, washing and drying and other small common sense. The Future Pavilion makes a scientific and forward-looking outlook on the development trend of socks. The various high-tech materials and high-tech socks on display are colorful and colorful.

Post time: Dec-16-2021