In the severe cold season, these types of babys need wearing socks when sleeping!

The older generation will think that putting socks on for children to sleep at night is not conducive to the growth and development of children, because sleeping in socks will affect blood circulation. But in fact, wearing socks can make the child in a warm and comfortable environment, which is more conducive to the child’s sleep.
There are these types of children who are better off wearing socks to bed in the cold season:

1. Children with cold hands and feet

In winter, people often walk during the day to promote blood circulation and warm up the whole body, but at night, children cannot actively warm up their bodies when they are asleep, especially for children with cold hands and feet. in this way.

As the saying goes, cold starts from the feet, so children with cold hands and feet are advised to put on socks to sleep and use socks to keep the body warm.

2. Children with weak constitution

Due to premature birth or malnutrition, some children are physically weak, very afraid of cold in winter, and their immunity is not very high. If your child is weak, it is best to put socks on for the child to sleep at night, so as to maintain the temperature of the child’s body, so that the child’s feet will not catch cold or even catch a cold.

3. Newborn children

Everyone should know that the ability of self-regulation of body temperature of newly born children is poor and needs to be adjusted by the outside world. Moreover, the immune system of children at this time is very fragile. Once they catch a cold, they are easy to get sick and make their families anxious.

The above types of children are best to wear socks when sleeping. I hope that parents can give their children a good sleeping environment and let the children grow up healthily!


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Post time: Mar-06-2022